Amy’s Drive-Thru, A Breath Of Fresh Air.

With the rise in popularity of organic food, it’s an intelligent business plan to have an organic only restaurant, and Amy’s has done just that. Added to it, their new organic drive-thru also utilizes their own produce, sustainably, grown on the roof, so not only do they provide nutritiously grown organic food, but they make a small contribution to the conservation of the same ecosystems that non-organic, and chemical-ridden of mainstream farming would destroy for profit, a win-win all round!

This is a great start to a healthy way of living for everyone, and would be successful anywhere in the world, not only for society, but for the environment as well.


America’s first all-organic drive-thru has finally opened in California, with lines out the door as customers flock for a chance to support what could be the biggest step forward for industry ever.

Their new Organic Drive-Thru restaurant opened in Rohnert Park, California, featuring an all-vegeterian menu packed with items like veggie burgers, salads, and even mac n’ cheese in both regular and vegan flavors.

The company’s signature frozen pizzas have always been a top seller in health food and grocery stores nationwide, and now Amy’s first restaurant is serving them up piping hot with toppings ranging from spinach and diced tomatoes to regular mozzarella cheese and even vegan “cheeze”.

Their new restaurant has been completely packed with long lines in the dining area and in the drive-thru, and reported wait times of 15-20 minutes. 

Many others have chimed in on review sites, noting that they were excited to see huge crowds with lines going all the way out the door, reminiscent of another chain working to change the food system: Chipotle Mexican Grill, whose popularity is exploding at the same time that McDonald’s is faltering.


Manager Paul Schiefer was more than happy with the response.

“So many (have) showed up and it’s given us a lot of hope that this is a concept that works.”

Sustainably Grown, GMO-Free and  Delicious! 

While other fast food restaurants import virtually all of their products from factory farming operations and give nothing back to the community, Amy’s actually grows produce on site thanks to its roof-bound garden.

Amy’s, an independently owned organic frozen food company, also reportedly pays workers a living wage with health benefits and is believed to be the first vegetarian fast food restaurant as well.


To see, and read more on this amazing breath of fresh air into the organic food industry click the link below, or alternatively, check out their great menu here

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