A Neat “Little” Flower


Almost 10 years in the making.

Described as one of the smelliest flowers in the world, this marvel of nature takes between 7 – 10 years to bloom, and (though varying times have been recorded) only blooms for 24 hours before it wilts and is dormant for another 7 – 10 years (also varying times have been recorded).

While this large plant is only found in the wild in Western Sumatra, it can, and has been cultivated privately around the world, most famously by the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh…. Also known as the Carrion Flower, Corpse Plant or Corpse flower this plant smells (obviously) like a less than lucky animal, the stench attracting it’s natural pollinators like your roses attract bees…

Watch the above video for a nice look at this interesting plant and it’s beautiful flower.. without the olfactory assault that would come with owning one, though.. it may be nice growing one yourself, after bulk-buying some air fresheners, or a mass of fans to “spread the love” to your, ahem, favorite neighbor!

“But how much will it cost me?” Well, finding out at your local nursery, or searching google for those that sell the seeds (or plant) would be the best way as it can obviously vary from location to location, however if you do manage to find and cultivate it, something to remember is that there are only several hundred currently being cultivated globally.. it might be a worthy investment to be one of few people in the world to own, and grow, the Corpse Plant.

In any case, if you love exotic flowers, or just enjoy looking at something new and different, missing out on this specimen would be a great phallusy in your life. If you find it interesting or just want to learn more about it, click here! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amorphophallus_titanum

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