The Spice Must Flow, As Organically As Possible


In what is another win for everyone who supports organic farming, food and living, the largest spice company in the world has said it will be almost entirely organic by 2016.

The McCormick spice company has kept its spot as the worlds largest despite companies like Simply Organic growing due to the global support of cleaner living and healthier eating, however, to keep that spot they have made a surprise.. and welcome.. move.


McCormick to Officially Go Organic, GMO-Free Soon

According to this article from the website Food Dive, the compay has announced that a huge majority of its spices and herbs will be organic and non-GMO by the year 2016.

In total, about 80% of its products will meet the new standard. New labels will also adorn the familiar McCormick packages, with over 70% expected to sport new “non-GMO” labels according to the article.

As noted by Food Dive, many of the company’s herbs and spices are already non-GMO, but the increased transparency is expected to be a selling point for many consumers as it has been for products that have become Non-GMO Project Verified.

Also announced by McCormick, a new non-GMO vanilla extract will be introduced along with numerous other organic spices and flavorings to compete with its rivals for the growing organic dollar in the United States (and elsewhere).

“The announcement comes ahead of the peak fall cooking and holiday season where consumer usage of herbs, spices & extracts as key ingredients in recipe favorites increase,” according to the news release.

McCormick a Healthier Option? 

Unfortunately, most companies use irradiation to make spices “safe for consumption”, so chances are, you’re eating slightly radioactive spices. Thankfully, for those of us who would prefer not to eat the food industry’s attempt at controlling the spice there are other options, such as the previously mentioned Simply Organic or Frontier, and a few others. You can see the report on those at


According to this article from Food Safety News, McCormick opts instead for steam treatments, preserving more of the health benefits of their spices (although some say it harms the taste more than radiation treatments).

I’m not sure about you, but if this is indeed true, I would sacrifice a bit of taste for a much healthier plate of food.

Though this is only a start, it’s an admirable start, making them a better option than most of the well known brands if you can’t get to your local health shop.

For more on this check out the link here.


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