Garlic & Onions; Storing Them The Safe Way



Almost everyone loves onions and garlic right? We’ve all bought (or grown) more than we can logically eat because it’s just that delicious. The problem with this is, we mostly end up throwing most of it out, or using it for compost, if we don’t eat it fast enough.

So if you see a little green sprout on top of your garlic or onion, don’t cook it, it’s gone bad (rather plant it for a great harvest next season), however, below is a great way for you to store garlic and/ or onions, safely, for months!

Here’s what you’ll need to store your garlic and onions, so they could last for months:

  1. A hole punch
  2. Brown Lunch Paper Bags
  3. Paper Clips (used to keep the bags closed)
  4. Firm and Blemish free garlic and onions


First, you should punch the bags as you wish, and you can do it all the way to the upper half of the bags. You should make multiple rows of holes by folding the bag a few times and then punching in a row, while leaving a space of about an inch between the punches.

You can also do this if you hold the bag lengthwise and punch along one of the sides, while flipping the folded bag over and punching the bag along the other edge, approximately 1 between the punches. The holes that you’ll make will serve for ventilation, so you shouldn’t mind if they are perfect or not.

Afterwards, you should fill the bag up to half full and fold it over the top, while labeling it and paper slipping it with the top down.

The bag will serve to preserve the garlic and onions for a longer period of time; because of the holes that you’ll punch which will make the air circulate around the vegetables inside.

You can still place the onions and garlic in the same drawers you’ve kept them before, just have in mind not to crowd them. You can use regular plastic bags which will keep the bags upright and also offer enough room for air to circulate. The bins can also be placed on pantry or cabinet shelves.

This is a tried and tested method (I’ve used it too), for storing them, and it really does work! For a few extra tips, and links to other great resources click here!


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